Mutual Friends Series 2

Mutual Friends Season 2 sees the return of the disgraced Badanile, a fallen Sizo and reluctant Jabu as they once again learn about life, love and friendship one Facebook status at a time.

Only this time a cyber-stalker and cyber bully, Blessing, threatens to shake the already fragile friendship. Set against the backdrop of student protests, Mutual Friends Season 2 is an entertaining, provocative and innovative return for South Africa’s favourite youth drama.

More about Mutual Friends

While it is possible for one’s emotional life to be tied up in the social networking forum, there is a marked difference between a virtual Facebook friend and a friend you have in the material world. But the question is- what actually makes someone a friend. Has the word lost its meaning?

The series will examine what or who actually connects us to the people that we let into our lives, as well as ask what actually connects us to the world around us. Parents often complain that their children are so preoccupied with their mobiles checking their Facebook accounts that they are disconnected from their studies, friends, family and the world around them.

But is this strictly true? In addition to highlighting the negative effects of social networks, Mutual Friends also ask if it is possible for the virtual world to affect the material world in positive ways.