Episode 2: “The Perfect Fit”


 The Perfect Fit

Not happy living with two boys, Dani discovers that living with two girls comes with its own challenges. Not happy with Sizo’s party loving friend- Thabiso- as their roommate, Jabu struggles to communicate with Sizo his dissatisfaction.

Mutual Friends Creator’s Statement


Mutual Friends, much like varsity, is a coming of age of story. In varsity lies the freedom to plan one’s adulthood. You go in there thinking that you are now preparing for the profession or industry that you wish to enter; you are taught by experts in the field as well as having your classmates become your potential colleagues or industry peers.

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Episode 1: “OH! – WEEK”



Matric super-star Dani arrives from her rural village in Port St. Johns to her very first O-week to discover that her bursary has been withdrawn, and must now hustle to find the funds to study 1st year medicine in the big city of Johannesburg.

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