#JABU (Jafta Mamabolo)

#JABU (Jafta Mamabolo) Jabu is a reluctant first year medical student and is the son of two famous neurosurgeons (Zweli and Lindiwe’s) who live in Houghton in Jabu has a speech impediment in the form of a stutter which becomes evident in moments of high emotional intensity.

As a result of this, Jabu is very reserved and self-conscious, especially around his ambitious and controlling father. He begins to open up to his best friends Sizo and (secret crush) Badanile.

Because of his social awkwardness, Jabu finds his voice mainly on social networks, where he can be cynical, witty, insightful and funny which brings him unexpected popularity.

BADANILE aka #DANI (Zimkhitha Nyoka)

BADANILE aka #DANI (Zimkhitha Nyoka) Badanile is a first year student with a strong rural background. Being the top achiever in her matric year, Dani is an intelligent, focused and incredibly self-assured.

However, academic and social life in an urban and prestigious university sees her questioning all the things she thought she knew about herself as she battles to keep up with the high standards placed on her. This, along with the high expectations placed on her by her family and community.

#SIZO (Neo Ntlatleng)

#SIZO (Neo Ntlatleng) Sizo is a hunky, suave, popular and charming son of 80s pop icons Pat and Patty. He grew up in Soweto but went to a private all-boys school in Sizo loves the ladies and takes pride in the way that he has with them.

Not a bookworm, Sizo is a social being who loves varsity for the parties and fun it offers. He comes across as a chauvinist, but does so in the most charming way.

Through unforeseen family circumstances, Sizo finds himself battling to charm the ladies and keep up with his peers.

BLESSING (Tendaii-she Chitima)

BLESSING (Tendaii-she Chitima) Blessing, 19, is the incredibly beautiful, yet highly calculated super fan of That Other Guy. Having been abandoned by her South African father, Blessing struggles to be accepted, and in her quest to be seen, she is willing to do whatever it takes.

What she doesn’t realise, is that all the qualities That Other Guy possesses – intelligence, wit, charm and savvy – are all the qualities that she herself possesses.

#THABISO (Phila Madlingozi)

THABISO-Phila-Madlingozi Thabiso is known as bad boy, who lives for fun. In short, his a ‘loose canon’.

Friends with Sizo he proves to be a very bad influence on him. Thabiso’s motto in life is YOLO, “You only live once”.

Thabiso loves the fun life and likes to include as many people in his antics as possible, including Sizo.

#BUSI (Dineo Lusenga)

#BUSI (Dineo Lusenga) Busi is the headstrong, determined and passionate head of the Student Council.

She is someone who wants to fight against all forms of social injustice and recognises the power of the student body in making that happen.

In one word, Busi is a leader and therefore has the ability to recognise that same quality in Badanile.

ZWELI (Luthuli Dlamini)

ZWELI (Luthuli Dlamini) Zweli is renowned neurosurgeon who spends his time either practicing, consulting and guest lecturing around the country.

To the world he is a successful, charming and picture-perfect husband and father, but to his son Jabu he is controlling and image-conscious.

The truth is, him and his wife have drifted apart and he leads a very lonely life where, like his son, he struggles to make meaningful connections to those around him.

PAT (Hamilton Dlamini)

PAT (Hamilton Dlamini) Pat is Sizo’s father and is one half of the 80s duo “Pat & Patty” who he founded with his wife.

Throughout the 80s and early 90s Pat and Patty have toured and released successful albums around the country and continent at large.

Pat and his wife are larger-than-life characters who are always the life of any party.

He is a talented vocalist, musician and composer, who is now currently struggling to recapture the fame him and his wife once enjoyed.

PATTY (Vinolia Mashego)

PATTY (Vinolia Mashego) Patty is an eccentric star who, along with her husband is part of 80’s bubblegum pop duo, “Pat & Patty”.

Throughout the 80s and early 90s “Pat & Patty” have toured and released successful albums around the country and continent at large.

Patty is currently very frustrated with her husband, as she holds him responsible for both her career and lavish lifestyle.

It is only when his daughter gets involved in a public sex scandal does he for the first time experiences disgrace. Believing she has been violated, Veli turns hostile.