Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 9: High

Badanile learns the truth about how Sizo has been financing their romance, as she is now thrown deeper into conflict about the urgent decision she must make. Jabu discovers a new confidence that has the internet and his friends in a frenzy.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 8: Stoned

When the financial pressures of new love hit, Sizo is forced to take desperate measures. As Badanile’s public profile grows, she is struck by devastating news. Jabu experiences a new level of (un)consciousness.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 7: Friends with Benefits

  Jabu contemplates losing his virginity to Blessing, while Sizo and Badanile cross a line that they cannot come back from.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 6: Status

  When Patty’s shebeen falls on hard times, the onus rests on Sizo to fix everything. Badanile finds a potential bae, while Jabu gets closer to Blessing.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 5: Woke

  Sizo gears himself for Thabiso’s musical debut and Badanile partners with Blessing to expose racism on campus. Jabu is tormented by recent horrors and seeks comfort in the company of his biggest fan.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 4: Black Love Matters

  The jig is up for Sizo as he has to find accommodation for the now evicted Badanile and Blessing, and Jabu makes his return to South Africa with a lot of unfinished business to attend to.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 3: System upgrade

  Dark times befall Jabu as he is forced to get in contact with the one person he swore he would never speak to again. And as Sizo’s financial situation worsens, Badanile hits back at the dating scene through exciting new apps.

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 2 – Alien-nation

  Sizo discovers what it means to be homeless on campus. Badanile tries to take legal steps to have her naked pictures removed from the internet. And Jabu discovers what it’s life is like as an alien…

Mutual Friends 2 – Episode 1- 90% Local

  Badanile returns to Johannesburg haunted by the mistakes of her past. Sizo returns unable to cope with the chaos of his homelife and the high cost of access to higher learning, while Jabu hides away in guilt of the mess he left behind last year. And a new character lurks mysteriously in the wings… Characters